About me!

Hey there, fellow parents and scooter enthusiasts!

I’m a dad in my mid late-forties, and this wonderful journey began when my little daughter hopped on her first scooter just after turning two.

Ever since then, scooting has been our thing! It quickly became her preferred mode of travel, even beating out biking. And let me tell you, watching her figure out the mechanics, developing those dexterity and balance skills, and bonding with other kids has been nothing short of magical.

The thrill of seeing her learn new things, take risks, and grow through scooting has been an extraordinary experience. It’s taught her lessons about independence, confidence, and of course, safety.

My daughter has become quite the safety ambassador herself, often pointing out other children who aren’t wearing helmets. And trust me, I know the struggle to get those helmets on sometimes. But starting early and making it a fun part of the routine can truly make a difference.

This website was created with a passion to share our love for scooting, and to provide health and safety tips for all those parents who want to embark on this exciting scooting journey with their kids. I wholeheartedly believe that scooting isn’t just a fun activity; it’s a wonderful way to bond, learn, and grow together.

So, whether you’re a seasoned scooter parent or just getting started, I hope this site brings you valuable insights, honest reviews, and that gentle nudge to let your kids explore the world on two (or three)  wheels, safely.

Happy scooting!

-Geoff a.k.a ScooterDad!