Best Folding Kick Scooter: Find the Best Folding Kids Scooter for Travel

“I’m bored…there’s nothing to do!”

How many times have you heard this from your kids after you’ve spent countless hours and dollars taking the the family on a holiday!

These days, a kid on a kick scooter is great – they’re out of the house, getting exercise, spending time outdoors with their friends, and not inside playing video games. But, what if you want to go on a holiday? Can you bring a scooter? Should you bring it? What is the best kick scooter for travel?

If you’re wondering what to bring on a road trip with kids this summer, take a foldable kick scooter along. This is an amazing way to let them burn off some steam! You also won’t hear the dreaded “I’m bored” seconds after you pick up that novel you’ve been waiting so long to read.

Is a Folding Kick Scooter the Best for Travel?

I find a folding kids scooter to be a better option than scooters that break down into two pieces. Sure, they’re easy to assemble and take apart with the click of a button, but they’re in two separate pieces. Things get lost, things shift around, and after a long drive, I don’t want to be looking for a set of handlebars while trying to unload the car. A folding kick scooter is always in one piece.

So if you’re taking the scooter along, foldability and weight need to be considered when deciding what to pack for a road trip with kids.

You won’t always be able to get away with this, as a toddler scooter, usually the three wheeled kind, will not fold down. Also, a kids stunt scooter should not fold, or adjust. We talk about this is the buying guide, but the best kick scooter must be able to handle the force of the rider’s weight as they land multiple jumps and tricks. Folding scooters and adjustable scooters pose a risk of injury. In these cases, make sure you get something light weight.

Our Favorite Kids Scooters for Travel

We’ve gone and hand picked scooters that we feel are best suited to travel. We’ve chosen a 3 wheeled scooter, two 2 wheeled scooter and a trick scooter. They are foldable & adjustable, (except for the stunt scooter), lightweight, and well liked by parents. 

Our Favorite 3 Wheeled Scooter For Travel: Globber Primo 3

For families with young kids, or kids who are still learning to scoot, the Globber Primo 3 is both foldable, and adjustable. It has a ‘steering lock’ feature so parents can lock the wheels to help kids learn to balance and lean to steer the scooter, or unlock to allow for some steering assistance and a sharper turning radius. It comes in multiple colors, so it can make a great boys scooter, or girls scooter. Some models come with flashing LED lights. It has nice, soft hand grips and a reinforced foot deck which is low to the ground for better stability.

Foldable Design

Adjustable Height

 Weighs just 7 lbs

Our Favorite 2 Wheeled Scooter For Travel: Micro Sprite

We really love this scooter! It’s light, easy to carry, versatile, adjustable and just plain fun to ride. The manufacturer recommends this scooter for kids 8 and up, so if you have a kid who has out grown and 3 wheeled scooter, but perhaps still a bit too young for the Micro Sprite, see our next recommendation. The Mirco Sprite has a weight capacity of 220lbs so it will last a long time, and maybe even be enjoyed by the parents! It has a speedy 120mm front wheel, anti-slip foot deck and is available in multiple colors. Micro is one of the top brands when it comes to kick scooters.

Foldable Design

Adjustable Height

 Weighs just 6 lbs

Another Favorite Folding Scooter for Travel : Razor A3

This kids scooter is a great choice for kids who are ready for the 2 wheeled challenge! Recommended for kids age 5 and up, it’s a light, foldable and adjustable height scooter. It even has a wheelie bar on the back wheel. Solid construction, anti slip foot deck and 125mm scooter wheels get some excellent speed.

Foldable Design

Adjustable Height

 Weighs just 5.5 lbs

Our Favorite Kids Stunt Scooter for Travel : Envy Colt S2

Pro scooters don’t have to cost a fortune. For safety and strength, pro trick scooters, and stunt scooters are not adjustable or foldable, so if you travel a lot, you’ll want to find one that’s light.  The Envy Colt S2 is an entry level pro scooter, great for kids wanting to get out and do some tricks as it comes with many of the more advanced scooter features. 110mm metal core scooter wheels, nylon foot brake and thermoplastic rubber hand grips. At 7 pounds, it’s one of the lightest pro scooters available, and reasonably priced.

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