Get Ready For Spring with This Hot Kids Scooter!

Is your kid ready to surf the sidewalks this Spring? What’s hot this year in the pro style scooter for kids market?

Introducing the Lucky TFOX Sig Pro. Lucky Scooters have partnered with popular internet personality and expert rider Tanner Fox (never heard of him? I don’t blame you, but your kids probably have), and created a hot new beginner to intermediate freestyle scooter for kids.

The Prospect Deck that Lucky created, which basically put them on the map, is perfect for beginners and intermediate riders. It has a concave design, with a flat bottom and sides giving the rider more control when trying new tricks. This has been paired with pro components like a newly designed T-bar and fast 110mm hollow core scooter wheels.

It’s light at just under 8lbs, but extremely durable with aircraft grade aluminum and a fully integrated, triple clamped headset. It also comes with a 180 day warranty.

The company hails it as the lightest competition scooter on the market. This is an amazing scooter for kids getting started with tricks in the 8-13 year old range and up.

More than 80% of reviewers on Amazon give this kids scooter five stars. Many of them point to the excellent build quality being a cut above most other ‘intro’ pro scooters. They also report a smooth, quiet ride and the kids are genuinely very happy with it. The few critical reviews this scooter had received at the time of writing were due to a couple of faulty rear wheel bolts that were stripped. The Lucky Scooter company, headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, does have an easily contactable customer service team ready to handle any issues you may have.

2019 Runner Up!

Check out the Phoenix Pilot. A hot pro style kids scooter made for the beginner to intermediate rider. Coming in at 9lbs, and with a weight balanced concave foot deck, kids can try anything with this scooter. The foot deck is covered with grip tape giving kids greater control when attempting new tricks.