5-8 Years Old

Best Kids Scooter for 5-8 Years Olds

Looking for the best kids scooter for the 5-8 year old range will depend on how you feel your child has developed in terms of balance and motor skills. For this reason, in this section you’ll find a mixture of scooters including a 3 wheel scooter for kids that’s foldable, and one that’s not, for the kids who are just beginning or are still learning to balance. For kids who have progressed and have been scooting for a while, graduating to a 2 wheel scooter model is the right move. And finally, if your kid is really in to scooting, heading to the skateparks and starting to do tricks, we’ve included a kids stunt scooter as well. Two wheeled models will have steerable T-bars for sharper turns and tricks as opposed to the lean to steer method in the 3 wheel scooters. 

In our buying guide we discussed the when you want foldable and adjustable height scooters, and when you don’t. To recap, folding scooters and ones that adjust are NOT for tricks and jumps. Stunt and trick scooters must be durable enough to withstand the weight of the rider landing a jump, so foldable scooters present an risk of injury.

Below are our picks for the best kids scooters for 5 year olds, up to about 8 years old. Use the table of contents to jump to a specific model, or scroll through our quick comparison chart (desktop only) through to the descriptions and kids scooter reviews.

Table of Contents

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  • Micro Maxi Original – Larger 3 wheeled scooter for kids who are just beginning or still learning.
  • Razor A3 – Great 2 wheeled scooter for beginners.
  • Sprite – Best selling all round scooter for 8 to adult.
  • Razor A – 2 wheeled scooter for the younger beginner.
  • Globber Flow 2 – Great choice for cruising the neighborhood, 5 to adult.
  • Fuzion Z300 – Great for kids getting into tricks.
  • Globber Elite 3 – An adjustable, folding 3 wheeled scooter for 2-7 year olds.

Quick Comparison of the Best Scooters for 5-8 Year Olds

ModelFoldable DesignAdjustable HeightUnit WeightWeight CapacityWheel SizeFor Ages

Micro Maxi Original
No24″ – 34″5.5lbs110lbs120mm/80mm5-12Check Price

Razor A3
Yes26″ – 33″7lbs143lbs125mm5-11Check Price

Micro Sprite
Yes22.5″ – 34″6lbs220lbs120mm/100mm7 or 8+Check Price

Razor A
Yes26″ – 33″5.5lbs143lbs98mm5-10Check Price

Globber Flow 2
No30″ – 36″7.7lbs220lbs121mm/100mm5+Check Price

Fuzion Z300
NoNo7.8lbs220lbs110mm7+Check Price

Micro Maxi Original - Best Kids Scooter with 3 Wheels for Ones Who Are Still Learning

The award winning and top selling Swiss brand, Micro Kickboards, tops our list again. This three wheel scooter is great if you feel your kid still learning to balance, but if your kid is well balanced and is used to skateboards and bicycles, skip ahead to the two wheeled models below. All the Micro brand products are certified by CPSC (United States Consumer Product Safety Commission), they make really good scooters, and are very well reviewed by parents the world over. This one is specifically for kids in the 5-12 year old range as it has a weight capacity of up to 110lbs. The adjustable ‘lean and steer’ can come with a T-bar (as shown) or joystick (more advanced). It extends from 24″ to 34″ above the foot deck and weighs just 5.5lbs, it is not foldable but the T-bar, or joystick, is easily removable for travel or storage.

Why We Like It:
Light weight
Lean to steer
Smooth & Quiet
Award Winning

Razor A3 - Best 2 Wheel Scooter for Kids Just Starting Out

Why We Like It:
Wheelie bar
125mm scooter wheels

This is sort of a 1a and a 1b rather than 1st and 2nd, as the Micro Maxi Original is a 3 wheeled design for beginners, and this is a 2 wheel scooter for beginners.The Razor A3 scooter is designed for 5 and up with a weight capacity of 143lbs. It makes an excellent introduction to the scooting world. It has plenty of speed as the scooter wheels are slightly larger, 125mm, and will be a bit smoother because it has a rubber cushion in the head tube for extra suspension and shock absorption, and soft handle grips. This is not technically a stunt scooter as it’s adjustable and foldable, but it does come with a wheelie bar to start getting the basics of some fun tricks.


The Micro Sprite is the Swiss company’s highest rated 2 wheeled scooter. A very smooth ride recommended for about the age of 8+, but parents can decide if their kid is ready for a two wheeled scooter at an earlier age. It extends to 34″ above the foot deck, or 37″ above the ground, and is foldable for easy travel and storage. It has a weight capacity of up to 220lbs so this scooter can last for a long time (or parents can enjoy too). A narrow 4″ wide foot deck for smooth and easy turning, high quality bearings give a nice smooth ride, and the combination of 100mm wheel on the back and 120mm scooter wheel on the front help provide a comfortable controlled ride.

Why We Like It:
Narrow foot deck
Smooth & controlled speed
High quality design

Razor A

Why We Like It:
Shock absorbant
Strong & long lasting
Time tested favorite

The Razor A has mostly the same specs as the Razor A3 above, it’s designed for 5 and up and has a weight capacity of 143lbs. The Razor A is their original model and is still a favorite since winning the Toy of Year award in 2000. Very durable, made from sturdy aircraft grade aluminum. It has slightly smaller wheels (98mm) so it won’t go as fast as other models in this category. The wheels are also quite narrow making tight turn silky smooth, but a bit difficult on more rugged terrain. The rear fender brake is also a strong metal design for quick stopping. This is definitely meant for smoother surfaces. It is a foldable scooter for easy storage and travel, and is adjustable to 34″. If you’re in the market for great cheap kids scooters, this is great quality for the price. 

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Globber Flow 2

This Globber scooter is another excellent beginner to intermediate option for 5 and up in the mid-range price category. The price and construction make this one of the best kids scooters around. It has an aluminum reenforced composite foot deck with slip resistance and a low clearance for good stability. These have lager front scooter wheels (121mm), and 100mm rear wheels made with high rebound polyurethane allowing for more comfortable speed and a smoother ride. It is an adjustable scooter with a T-bar extending 30″ up to 36″ and can handle a weight capacity of 220lbs. This model is not meant for more advance tricks and jumps like the FuzionZ300 below, but it’s sturdy and durable. The Globber Flow 2 is not a foldable scooter, but the T-bar is easily detachable for storage and travel.

Why We Like It:
Steel reinforced deck
Low deck
Extra long fender brake
Ergonomic deck design

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter - Best Pro Scooter for Kids

The Fuzion Z300 is perfect if your son or daughter is serious about scooting and learning to do some tricks and regularly riding and going to skateparks. The main differences in the stunt style is that they are neither foldable scooters or height adjustable scooters for safety reasons. They are made to be as strong as possible and to take the force of the riders weight as they land their jumps and tricks. The Fuzion Z300 features an aluminum foot deck and a reinforced neck, aluminum core 110mm wheels, and large hand grips making this a perfect entry level to intermediate pro version with plenty of speed and able to take a beating at the skate park. Three color options available.

Why We Like It:
Aluminum deck
Extra wide hand grips
Aluminum core 100mm scooter wheels
Quiet fender brake
Fast and durable