The Best Scooter Helmets For Kids

Finding the best scooter helmet for kids will depend on the age and skill level of your child. It is true that wearing a helmet is better than not wearing one, but there’s no match for the piece of mind that comes with having your child wear an approved helmet. There are some safety guidelines that approved helmets will adhere to which we cover in detail in our How to find the Best Scooter Helmets For Kids blog post. Chief among them is making sure it bears the CPSC sticker. There aren’t really any helmets specifically for scooters, although there are a few companies looking to change that. The CPSC (US Consumer Product Safety Commission) recommends bicycle helmets for smaller children who are learning to scoot and riding at lower speeds. For children who are starting to do tricks and jumps and ride a higher speeds, a multi-impact skateboard helmet that protects the back of the head will be the helmet of choice. Cool kids helmets with any attachments to the shell, and cheap kids helmets made from plastic should be avoided.

Helmets should have a chin strap, fit snug and fit level on the child’s head. Be sure to follow the size charts set by each manufacturer (we’ve included them below with each recommended helmet).

Helmets with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) developed independently by a brain surgeon are becoming more popular. This technology was specifically designed to provide better protection during angled impacts and sideways falls. 

No helmet can prevent a concussion, but approved helmets are designed to disperse the energy of an impact to prevent more severe brain damage and fractures. 

We’ve done the research and hand picked the top scooter helmets for kids in different age ranges and abilities.

Bell Sidetrack Youth Helmet

Size Inches
Universal Child 18.5" - 20.2"
Universal Youth 19.6" - 22.4"

A wonderful Scooter helmet for kids just starting out, and is meant for bikes too. Sizes are small enough to fit on toddler from about 18 months. It has a removable, snap-in visor, and 15 vents for decent air circulation on the durable in-mold polycarbonate shell with an EPS foam liner. In-mold means the foam inner layer is fused with the outer shell for added strength and shock dispersion. The strap on Bell kids helmets comes with their own PinchGuard™ buckles so their little fingers won’t get caught when they do the helmet up themselves. Multiple colors available.

Giro Youth Scamp with MIPS

Size Inches
XS 18" - 19.75"
S 19.75" - 21.5"

Giro helmets consistently top the ‘best helmets’ lists. They have their own Roc Loc Jr™ adjustment system where there is a rubber wheel at the back of the helmet where you can easily adjust the size as the kid grows. It has a built in visor, and there is space for a ponytail making it a great girls helmet as well. This helmet also has durable in-mold polycarbonate shell with an EPS foam liner, eight air vents, a pinch guard buckle to keep their fingers safe, and is equipped with MIPS – multi-directional impact protection system. Easily one of the top kids scooter helmets designed for bikes, so it can be multi functional.

S-ONE Lifer & Mini Lifer

S-ONE Lifer / Mini Lifer
Size Inches
S 21" / 19"
M 21.5" / 19.5"
L 22" / 20"

The S-One Lifer is dual certified for both bikes and skateboarding, meaning it meets both the CPSC and ASTM standards, read here for more info. The helmet is also great for BMX. It is a multi impact helmet, and comes in an array of different colors. The sizes begin at 20.5″ so the kid would be about 8 years old. They also have a Mini Lifer for younger/smaller children. When worn correctly, the S-One helmets are considered some of the best scooter helmets for kids. It’s also possible to change the sizing liner if you’re unsure, the replacement liner for the Lifer Mini, click here, and the replacement sizing liner for the Lifer, click here. Lot’s of helmet and strap color combination to choose from.

Pro Tec Classic Skate Helmet

Pro Tec is another company that frequently tops lists of safest helmets for scooters. The classic is aptly named as it is the classic skateboard helmet design. Pro Tec uses a dual soft foam liner, one of which is meant for moisture wicking, the other is the protection layer. It has 11 vents to keep the rider cool, and it’s lightweight and comfortable. Sizes for this model begin at 20.5″ for about 8 and up, but they also make little kids helmets, the Pro Tec Jr. Classic for smaller/younger kids are available as small as 18.5″ for kids about 2 years old and up..

Pro Tec Jr. Classic
Size Inches
XXXS 18.5"-19.3"
XXS 19.3"-20"
XS 20.5"-21.3"
Pro Tec Classic
Size Inches
XS 20.5"-21.3"
S 21.3"-22"
M 22"-22.8"
L, XL & XXL 22.8"-25.2"

Other Awesome Kids Scooter Helmets to Consider

JBM Skateboard Helmet

Flybar Helmet

Triple Eight Gotham

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport

Now it’s Time to Find the Best Scooter for Your Kid!