Fuzion Z300 at a Glance

The Fuzion Z300 kids scooter is ideal for beginner to intermediate riders who are getting serious about scooting. The Fuzion Z300 has a well thought out design and weighs just 8Ibs. It comes in 3 color schemes and awesome graphics for 2020-2021 black/gold, black and grey. The Z300 is perfect for both street and skatepark riding as it has some pretty cool feature updates. Notably, they have used chromoly steel in the handle bars (for you engineering nerds, chromoly is a combination of chromium and molybdenum which is stronger than the more common carbon steel), IHC Compression (Internal Hidden Compression), an oversized reenforced deck for better trick landing and grinding, and 110mm aluminum core wheels. Fuzion is really upping their game by incorporating as many custom elements as possible taking feedback and direction from their team of eight pro riders.

This scooter is designed from top to bottom with tricks in mind, and as such, it is extremely durable and meant to take considerable abuse.

  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Weighs: 8.2lbs
  • Max weight capacity: 220lbs
  • Great for: kids 8-13 years old
  • Skill: Beginner to intermediate

Fuzion Z300: What You’ll Get

  • 110mm metal core wheels: The scooter will come with durable 6061 aluminum core polyurethane scooter wheels which are great for tricks. Read more about scooter wheels here.
  • Steel Forks: Reinforced fork design with an IHC compression system (Internal Hidden Compression). Many pro style scooters have this compression system which is hidden inside the fork making it very strong and a smooth ride.
  • Nylon/Steel Brake: The rear fender brake is a hybrid of both steel for strength and durability, and nylon, making it much quieter when the brake is applied.
  • Aluminum Box Shaped Foot Deck: The foot deck is 19.5” x 4.5” made from Fuzion’s own aluminum composition. The deck is wider for better weight distribution when landing tricks, and has a flat bottom for grinding.
  • Oversized HEX™  hand grips: 155mm grips with nylon end caps.

The Fuzion Z300: What Type of Kid is it good for?

Rough kids! The Fuzion Z300 scooter is great for both beginner and intermediate riders 8 years old and up. It is well designed and able to take some abuse. It’s a great scooter for kids who hit up the skatepark or for kids who love to ride the sidewalks of the neighborhood. This scooter can handle anything your kid can throw at it as it’s designed for tricks, landing jumps and grinding. It also provides plenty of speed with 110mm wheels as opposed to the slower 100mm wheels common on many other models.

What to Love: ✓ Well constructed ✓ Strength & Durability ✓ Designed for tricks ✓ Awesome graphics

Fuzion z300: Ratings (2019)

Overall Rating: Sparkling reviews are coming in for the 2019 models. The older models had an average of  4.5 /5 on Amazon at the time of writing, with 80% of reviewers giving the Fuzion Z300 a 5-star score.

The majority of reviewers are giving the 2019 models 5 stars but there were too few at the time of writing to get a good sense, but I suspect the trend will continue. The reviews for the older models were very good with most giving 5 stars. Some of the negative complaints are due to the wide handle bars which make some specific tricks difficult for smaller kids, and the price. It is starting to creep into the pro scooter category in terms of price, but it a pro scooter indeed. If you’re looking for a pro style Fuzion scooter a bit more budget friendly, take a look at the Fuzion Pro x-5.

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