The Micro Sprite Scooter at a Glance

The Micro Sprite scooter is a very well liked 2 wheel cruising scooter for kids ages 8 and up, teenagers and even adults up to 220 lbs (100 kg). The Swiss company is known for its quality craftsmanship, and every part is replaceable, most quite easily. As such, the Sprite is not a kids stunt scooter, although it is great for small jumps, it is not meant for aggressive skatepark tricks. The Micro Sprite comes completely assembled with an easy two-button folding system, making it quick to fold, and easy to store and travel with. The Sprite continues to be one their most popular kids scooters and it comes in various cool colors and even some limited edition color schemes.

  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Max Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 13.8 x 3.9 x 36.6 inches
  • Great for: Kids age 8+
  • Skill: Beginner to intermediate

Micro Sprite Scooter: What You’ll Get

  • Kickstand: The scooter can be parked upright which is great for preventing damage and scratches. The two-way patented kickstand can be kicked backwards or forwards for a quick take off.
  • Adjustable Handlebar: The handlebar height on Micro Sprite is adjustable to suit the height of your kid.
  • 120mm/100mm Scooter Wheels: The Micro Sprite scooter comes with a 100mm back wheel, and a 120mm front wheel is providing decent speed and control. They are high rebound polyurethane giving a smooth and quiet ride.
  • Foot Deck: The Micro Sprite has an anodized aluminum foot deck with 13.5″ of usable foot space, which means there’s lots of room to grow. The foot deck also features an anti slip surface.
  • Soft Foam Handle Grips 

Micro Sprite: What Type Of Child Is the Micro Sprite Good For?

The Micro Sprite scooter is a great kids scooter for sidewalk surfing. Small jumps are totally fine, but not meant for aggressive tricks and jumps. The Sprite is adjustable and foldable, and more aggressive tricks and jumps end up with the riders full force coming down on the handle bars. If those types of tricks are what your kid likes, check out something like the Fuzion Pro X5. The Micro Sprite scooter has plenty of speed and is very smooth.

What to Love ✓adjustable ✓foldable ✓color options  ✓smooth ride

Micro Sprite: Ratings

Overall Rating: Micro Sprite has a 4.6 score on Amazon at the time of writing with 85% giving 5-stars.

It comes as no surprise that the majority of reviewers gave 5-stars to the Micro Sprite scooter. Some point to it being very lightweight and offers an extremely smooth ride, while others like the adjustable handlebars and the fact it’s foldable and easy to travel with. Some on the other hand said that this scooter is a bit wobbly and the wheels are too narrow for cracks in the sidewalks in some neighborhoods.

All in all, for cruising back and forth to school or friends houses, you can’t go wrong here!

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